Okatee integrates seamlessly into Gmail compose windows, providing a convenient way to clean and attach documents.

  1. Compose an Email: Okatee inserts a button labeled “Attach and Clean” into every Gmail compose window.
Compose Window

View of the Gmail compose window with Okatee Pro

  1. Cleaning and Attaching Documents:

    • Click the “Attach and Clean” button.
    • Select the documents you want to attach.
  2. Automatic Cleaning and Attachment: Once selected, Okatee automatically cleans the documents of metadata and attaches them to your email.

Pro Features

  • Word to PDF: A premium feature that converts Word documents to PDF format. This appears as a button labelled “Word to PDF” next to the “Attach and Clean” button.
  • Compression: A premium feature that automatically compresses documents to reduce file size of certain file types.

Pro features are available upon license activation.