The Metadata Scrubbing Tool for Gmail is designed to enhance the security of your email communications by removing potentially sensitive metadata from your email attachments. This overview covers the key security features and best practices for using the tool.

Key Features

Metadata Removal

The primary function of the tool is to seamlessly remove metadata from email attachments. Metadata can include information such as the author’s name, file creation date, and document history, which could potentially expose sensitive information.

  • Seamless Scrubbing: Offered by the Okatee Chrome Extension, which seamlessly removes metadata from attachments before sending.
  • Manual Scrubbing: Offered within Microsoft products and is a tedious process to remove metadata.

Secure Configuration

  • Extension Enabled: Always ensure the extension is enabled and you click “Attach and Clean” before sending attachments.
  • Word to PDF: Upgrade to the Pro version to convert Word documents to PDF before sending, which will remove additional metadata.

Our Commitment to Security

We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your data. We never store or access your email content or attachments. All user data in transit is encrypted using TLS1.3 and AES-256.