License Activation

Activating your license for the Okatee extension is essential to unlock its full features and functionality. Follow these steps to ensure proper activation.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Pin the Extension to the Toolbar:

    • Click the puzzle icon in the Chrome toolbar.
    • Find the Okatee extension in the list and click the pin icon next to it.
  2. Open the Extension:

    • Click the Okatee extension icon in the browser toolbar.
  3. Enter Your License Key:

  • On the “About” page, enter your license key to register your installation of the software.
Settings Window

View of Pro version in the Okatee settings

  1. This will enable the full functionality of the extension:
  • Word to PDF: A premium feature that converts Word documents to PDF format. This appears as a button labelled “Word to PDF” next to the “Attach and Clean” button.
  • Compression: A premium feature that automatically compresses documents to reduce file size of certain file types.
Compose Window

View of the Gmail compose window with Okatee Pro

Pro features are available upon license activation.